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and thank you for considering me. I understand how important it is to choose the best mental health practitioner possible. Someone extremely knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic, and supportive. Someone who will put your interests ahead of their own, will be honest and will encourage your long term health, well-being, and independence.

I hope after browsing my site you come to the conclusion I am the right person for you. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a personal and completely confidential evaluation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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I work with high functioning people whose issues range from acute depression, grief and anxiety, to chronic relationship and work problems, to a search for meaning and purpose.

I also use psychotherapy and/or medications to help people with more serious depression and anxiety disorders, and other mood and thought disorders including obsessive compulsive disorders, mild to moderate schizophrenia, and mild to moderate bipolar disorder.

Additionally, I am happy to provide medication evaluation and management for people comfortably in therapy with another provider, but for whom supportive medication is needed; or those who have been on particular medications for a long period, but need another prescriber due to a move for example.

Apropos to the area, most of my patients are relatively well off, and high functioning. However, I am happy to work with those of more moderate means, as my schedule permits.


  1. Psychiatric Evaluation
    A full service psychiatric evaluation, with time for discussion of my diagnosis, and various treatment options.
  2. Talk therapy
    Weekly talk therapy, generally 45-50 minutes, to help you figure out solutions to difficult situations, learn more about yourself and others, and motivate you to make positive change in your life.
  3. Psychiatric Medication Management
    Ongoing monitoring and management of patients on psychoactive medications, generally on a monthly basis and for half hour sessions.


My general approach is to view my patients as having the inherent capacity to do well, and to support their eventual ability to function independently of medication or therapy.  What to expect if you come to us for therapy.

While I recognize situations which require intervention with medication, I try to foster as much as possible a gradual feeling of independent empowerment, and encourage attempts to gradually reduce medications where it can be done safely.

Similarly, I believe in setting the stage for eventual discontinuation of psychotherapy as the patient grows in their own self confidence and mastery. Having said that, it should be noted that when the issues being worked on involve longstanding personality traits, or arose as a result of long term abuse or neglect, it can take an extended period of time for stable change to occur.

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For many people the fear of judgement, or loss of control to a psychiatrist or therapist keeps them from getting the help they need. I promise to respect you, whatever your situation. This is what I do. I have seen and helped people in all types of situations, and I will do my best to help you too.

Our office is located in downtown Vilnius:  Šatrijos g. 16-109 (how to find us).

Phone +370-630-27450

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email: privatus.psichiatras@gmail.com

Office hours are by appointment only, so contact us before stopping by. I can usually schedule an evaluation within two weeks if you are flexible.

I look forward to your call!

Psychiatrist consultation is available in English. Psychotherapy is rendered in Lithuanian and Russian languages.