Therapy in Vilnius

What to expect

If you come to us for therapy, your initial two to four sessions will focus on gaining an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the origins of your difficulties, identifying how they are currently maintained, discussing your goals for therapy and agreeing on a way of working that suits you. Often clients find this process of developing clearer, more structured understandings of their difficulties a positive and useful experience.

Following this assessment period, sessions will focus primarily on making progress towards your therapeutic goals. The number of sessions you will require will vary according to the complexity, severity and history of your difficulties, your particular goals and how much you can invest in psychological work between sessions. Typically, our clients are seen for between eight and thirty sessions.

For the clients who are not Lithuanian/Russian/ Eastern European origin – only short term therapy is recommended. We understand both cultural and language limits of the foreign therapist and suggest to look for the therapist of your mother tongue.

We typically see people once a week at our office in Downtown Vilnius. Each session lasts 50 minutes, although longer and more or less frequent sessions can be arranged.